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To show our appreciation to you, my dear reader, we want to give you this monthly gift that will add value to your spiritual life.

I designed the Monthly Scripture Plans to use for either Scripture Writing, Bible Reading, your prayers, or Bible Study.

If you don’t have access to a printer you can save the download on your phone or computer and write the Scriptures down in your journal or notebook.

Provided that you can print the monthly Scripture Plan, you can either print it in color or black and white to use it as is, or color the images to your preference.

The Scripture Plans will make delightful decorating pages for your notebook, journal, and file/binder, and they can be used as appealing dividers for your file/binder.

I inserted tick boxes where you can tick the Scriptures you already used.

If you set aside 10-15 minutes daily for Scripture reading, writing, and prayer, it will probably be enough. You will be amazed when you look back and see the transformation that took place in your life.

7 Reasons To Pray God’s Word will show you how powerful it is to pray God’s Word, using your prayer time effectively.

How To Stay In God’s Word will help you understand the ‘why’ it’s important to spend time in God’s Word as well as the ‘how’ to stay in His Word.

Effects Of Bible Study On Our Brains & Psyche will explain to you the medical and psychological effects Scripture Writing and Bible Study have.

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